Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer in Houston

How's Houston? You ask? HOT!

That is the first thing that came to mind. If you can get past the heat and the traffic, Houston is a wonderful place to live. I am starting to get used to both and we are enjoying the time and the challenges we are facing here.

Right now Kalle is walking around in the heat of the day, 103 was the last update I heard on the radio, finding people who want Pest Control. Is that crazy or what? Bless is heart. He is doing very well and working very hard. Here is a picture of hat we does all day. (This picture was posed just for you - he is knocking on our apartment door.)

My cute Bug Boy =)

While Kalle is selling, I am working during the day for the Pest Control office. I get home around 4:30 every day so I have time to learn German, which I need to be more dedicated on, cook, read and so on. It is nice to have the extra time and now that I know I will be busy working in the Fall I am enjoying it even more. Here is a picture of me with my very first loaf of home-made bread. It is Cinnamon bread and I made it with one bowl, one spoon, two hands for kneading and a cup for rolling. It was tasty! (Recipe and bread making lessons compliments to Jenn).

Not the most flattering of me..but the bread looks great I think!

Our time here is winding down and we are excited to be leaving in three weeks for Germany!

Love you all!

I am a REAL dance teacher!

As many of you may already know, I was recently offered a full-time position as a dance teacher at Granite Park Middle School and I am so excited! It is one of the few full time dance positions that is being offered this year with all of the budget cuts. The school is in Salt Lake City, just off the I-15 and about a 45 min drive for me. Since we are living in Texas so Kalle can sell pest control I had been doing a lot of phone interviews and after getting turned down too many times for my liking and I decided that I just needed to be there in person so the principals would love me and HAVE to hire me.

So, I bought a ticket to Utah, told my boss that I would be leaving in two days, and went to Utah. I stayed with Jenn and Royal while I was there. It was so fun to just get to play!...Especially with Andelyn. she and Titan are just so cute! I am now her favorite Aunt ever.

While I was there I had two interviews, which was all I was hoping for. The first one was terrible! She asked me 3 very general questions and then told me how different this job would be from my students teaching and how difficult the area is. Bummer. But I was more excited about the second interview anyway so I did not let myself worry. The second interview was for Granite Park Middle School and it went really well...naturally seeing as a have a job there. I interviewed on Tuesday, went home on Wednesday and they called me on Friday.

As many of you probably know, job searching stinks. It was so easy to become discouraged after hearing so many no's and finally I just learned to pray like it depended on the Lord and work like it depended on me. In the end, I am so grateful that I did not get any of the positions I wanted before. This feels like where I am supposed to be. I know for sure that it will be a challenge, but with challenges come amazing experiences. I am excited for all the this year holds for us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Harnos Couple

Welcome to our blog! Even though most or all of you know all about us anyways here is a little background...
Kalle and I were married last year on April 26th and it is just wonderful! We spent our first year of marriage living in the little Wymount apartment as students at BYU and loved it. I just graduated and Kalle has one more year to go! We are currently living in Houston, Texas where Kalle is working hard selling pest control door to door and I am working in the pest control office. Soon we will take off to Germany and surrounding areas for a month!! Then we will go back to Utah and see our lovely friends and family who we love!

Our last trip to Germany

My graduation!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Time..

Welcome to our first blog! We decided since we are away from everyone this summer it is time for a blog. We will have more posted soon!