Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer in Houston

How's Houston? You ask? HOT!

That is the first thing that came to mind. If you can get past the heat and the traffic, Houston is a wonderful place to live. I am starting to get used to both and we are enjoying the time and the challenges we are facing here.

Right now Kalle is walking around in the heat of the day, 103 was the last update I heard on the radio, finding people who want Pest Control. Is that crazy or what? Bless is heart. He is doing very well and working very hard. Here is a picture of hat we does all day. (This picture was posed just for you - he is knocking on our apartment door.)

My cute Bug Boy =)

While Kalle is selling, I am working during the day for the Pest Control office. I get home around 4:30 every day so I have time to learn German, which I need to be more dedicated on, cook, read and so on. It is nice to have the extra time and now that I know I will be busy working in the Fall I am enjoying it even more. Here is a picture of me with my very first loaf of home-made bread. It is Cinnamon bread and I made it with one bowl, one spoon, two hands for kneading and a cup for rolling. It was tasty! (Recipe and bread making lessons compliments to Jenn).

Not the most flattering of me..but the bread looks great I think!

Our time here is winding down and we are excited to be leaving in three weeks for Germany!

Love you all!


  1. CUUTEEE!!! I love your blog and great job on the bread it looks delish! Keep cooking!

  2. Hey how long are you gonna be in Germany? I'll be at the Freiburg temple the end of July! Crazy!

  3. Jessica, I am glad I found your blog! That's fun that you guys are in Houston for the summer, but really hot. I'm from Houston so I sold pest control after my first year at BYU with a company called SPLAT pest control. Good luck with the rest of your summer!-Janie

  4. So you go ahead and make a blog and get me all excited. . . and now I check it every week with NO UPDATES!!! please my darling talk, brag, complain, tell stories, whatever- I just want to be able to secretly stalk you online and stay up to date!